Riads of Fez

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My first morning in Fez, I awoke in a room that seemed like something out of a dream. My tour operator in Morocco, an expert in the best riad hotels to be found in the country, had booked me into a suite at Riad Myra. I followed my instructions: from the train station I took a taxi to a hotel located just adjacent to an entrance to the medina, where only foot traffic and mules are allowed–no cars. I crossed the street to a tiny alleyway into the medina. I followed a few twists and turns, dragging my suitcase and searching the ancient walls and doors for signage…and there it was. I used a heavy old knocker, and a smiling gentle woman let me in.

I was shown to one of the low divan/low table groupings that filled the huge central salon. From four stories above balconies encircled the vast space. So amazing to find this spacious interior just off the narrow spaces of the medina outside. I sipped my mint tea and nibbled on almond cookies and waited to be shown to my suite.

This traditional riad is one of many that are found in Fez. Riads are traditional homes–sometimes palaces–that have been converted to inns and hotels. They offer different levels of luxury and amenities, but all offer a cultural experience.

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