I See a Cruise in Your Future

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I’m about to tell you why the next vacation you’re most likely to go on is a cruise. Just imagine being transported to another place in the world while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning…ta-da! You’re in a new country to explore and discover!

Cruises are exciting, rejuvenating, and offer memorable experiences for everyone. If you’ve never been on a cruise, here are some of the many reasons why you definitely should consider the experience:

  1. Fantastic Value – Who doesn’t want to get their hard-earned money’s worth? The all-inclusive pricing of cruise vacations combines the necessary components that you would otherwise have to pay for individually—accommodations, meals, 24-hour room service, most onboard activities, and entertainment. Cruise ships offer a variety of staterooms to fit any budget and travel needs. Overall, you are likely to get more for your money with a cruise.Cruise value
  1. Variety – Varying in length, destination, price, amenities, theme and activities, cruises allow you to customize your vacation experience to fit your needs and interests.Cruise variety
  1. Multiple Destinations – For a land-only vacation, you typically pick one destination for the duration of the trip. With a cruise, you get to see several destinations on one trip. Instead of only visiting Hawaii for a week, for example, you might also get to visit Tahiti and Samoa.cruise destinations
  1. Convenient Departure Points – Traveling to board a cruise ship has never been easier, with cruise ships located a short flight away or within driving distance of many U.S. port cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, among others.Departure Points
  1. Zero Work – On a vacation cruise, there’s no cooking or cleaning to worry about – just relaxation. Once everyone’s bags are unpacked (some lines may offer to do that, too), the ship’s crew takes care of the rest. Ahhhhh…Cruises
  1. Lots of Ways to Have Fun – On cruise ships guests can typically enjoy swimming pools and water slides, rock climbing walls, surf riders, spa services, kids programs, nightclubs, shopping, dining, enrichment seminars and guest lecturers, exercise classes and lots more.Ways to have fun on a cruise
  1. Plenty of Dining Choices – There are many dining options on cruise ships that cater to all ages and tastes. While cruise ships have formal dining rooms, most also feature casual restaurants, grills, and poolside dining options – plus 24/7 room service. Specialty restaurants, founded by some of the world’s most famous chefs, also are found on many cruise ships.
  1. Time to Get Pampered – You know you deserve it! Guests who want to be truly pampered are invited to enjoy sumptuous spa experiences onboard.Cruise spa
  1. Fun for Kids – Traveling with children? When parents—and their kids—need a little break from each other, most cruise ships offer plenty of structured and supervised recreational programs for kids ages 3 to 17.Fun for kids on cruise
  1. The View – Last but not least—who can resist a glorious sunrise or sunset view from a veranda or deck, or sipping a cocktail as you pass along stunning scenery? You’ll have plenty of terrific Instagram opportunities on a cruise!Views on a cruise
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