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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Do I need travel insurance?’. You probably have, and with good reason. Insuring your trip in the case of unforeseen events is one of the best ways to help make sure it isn’t spoiled by unplanned—and costly—expenses, such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations, emergency accommodations, and vehicle accidents, to name just a few.

Here are some of the many benefits of having travel insurance:

1. Sometimes trips have to be canceled.

Life can be unpredictable. In the event that your trip needs to be canceled, having travel insurance means you don’t have to pay for it.

2. Lost or stolen luggage can wreak havoc on your travel plans.

Unfortunately, losing your luggage or having it stolen is not uncommon while on a trip. Most luggage takes an average of five days to return to its owner. You may need to pay to replace your passport or buy clothing. Travel insurance, such as that provided by Allianz Global Assistance, offers coverage to replace needed items right away.

3. You may require support in case of a medical emergency.

An estimated 30%-50% of travelers will become ill or injured during their trip. If you suffer an accident or sudden illness in a remote part of a country, you may need airlifting to a hospital or even back home. Travel insurance can cover medical emergencies and provide peace of mind—especially for travel outside the United States, where many hospitals request cash payments in the thousands before treatment can even begin. If you’re sick, injured, or some other emergency occurs, keeping you in your holiday destination, travel insurance may be able to reimburse you for any accommodation until you’re able to fly. And if you lost or forgot your medication, travel insurance can assist you in locating a pharmacy to purchase a new prescription.

4. In the event of a natural disaster, airline strike or act of terrorism, airlines will not refund the cost of your ticket.

We bet you didn’t know that! Allianz Travel Insurance plans, for example, can cover the cost of these unexpected trip disruptions and help you get home quickly and safely.

5. You may not be able to recover your Frequent Flyer Points.

If you’re a frequent flyer, travel insurance is necessary to protect your points. If you’ve paid for part or all of your flights with points, and aren’t able to recover them, travel insurance can compensate you for the value you’ve lost.

6. Most excursion tour operators require that you purchase travel insurance.

Make sure you get the best coverage at the most affordable cost by purchasing travel insurance in advance through a reputable agency like Allianz Global Assistance.

7. You may get in a car accident while on a trip.

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, you’ll often have to pay excess even if it was minor or not your fault. It may end up costing you more than you thought and could ruin your long-awaited holiday.

If you’re found legally responsible for someone else’s personal injury or damage to their property, travel insurance can cover you up to the amount specified under your plan.

8. You could experience economic hardships.

The loss of a job might mean a trip planned in advance may have to be postponed or even canceled. Travel insurance can help offset the economic crunch when you need it most.

9. You need extra coverage for your family.

Travel insurance is often considered especially crucial by families because it can cover everyone on the trip. Dependent children traveling with adults, up until the age of 21 and without pre-existing conditions are covered under most travel insurance policies at no extra cost.

10. You deserve to enjoy a stress-free trip.

Whether you’re in an unfamiliar country or close to home, getting the right travel insurance for your needs could deliver you greater peace of mind and allow you to recoup your losses against any unforeseen eventualities.

Allianz Global Assistance, a world leader in travel insurance and assistance services, offers countless reasons why savvy travelers protect themselves and their families from unanticipated travel delays, bad weather, lost luggage, medical emergencies in foreign countries, and many more.

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