Calling All Groups

I can help you plan special events in foreign locations.

For example:

  • A wedding in a private villa in Tuscany
  • A family reunion in a New Orleans Garden District mansion or a lavish Puerto Vallarta villa
  • A girls’ high school mini-reunion shopping trip to Paris
  • A family Golden Anniversary cruise to Alaska
  • A garden club’s trip to London’s Kew Gardens

Please contact me if you have a club or a group of folks who share an insterest and would enjoy sharing the travel experiences of a well-planned trip. Some types of groups I have helped and would love to work with include:

  • wine clubs
  • garden clubs
  • history & archeology buffs
  • agriculture students and growers
  • artists and crafts people working in textiles, ceramics, scuplture or any medium.
  • musicians and music fans
  • theater buffs
  • students
Special events
  • yoga groups
  • retreats
  • corporate incentives

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