"Journey with an open mind and gentle heart"

By my spirit, words and actions, encourage others to travel the world in peace.

What I Do

Why use a travel professional

Trip Planning. 
Custom-tailored and complete, down to the smallest detail. Travel Product Evaluation. I can help you make well-informed decisions. Internet Research. 
Let me gather, refine and distill information for you and give you only the best, most useful content. Travel Services. 
For corporate meetings and special events. My experience includes technology and wine and food related events. I can be the corporate meeting planner’s best friend.

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Top 10 Reasons To Use Me

1. For my expertise, and my willingness to conduct thorough research.
2. For my contacts among travel suppliers and tourism people—so helpful, and crucial when the unexpected happens.
3. For my professionalism and dedication to the principle of integrity in travel.
4. For my in-depth knowledge of travel products and my ability to assess true value.
5. For my support of ASTA and its efforts on behalf of travel consumers.

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Self Book

Self-Booking made easy

Would you like to research options and/or book while still having the back-up and protection of booking through a travel agent? I have a number of suppliers who I have worked with for years and who I endorse 100%. This means that if you click through to their website via my links your are still booking through me, Vivian V. Russell Travel, and I receive credit from the supplier and am paid a commission at no cost to you.

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Palais El Mokri–Hidden Palace of Fez

I had read somewhere about a UNESCO World Heritage site, an old palace in Fez that could...

La Mamounia Hotel and Travel Exploration Morocco

La Mamounia is one of Morocco’s most beloved hotels, and an undeniable beauty. It...

Travel Convention in Marrakech

This year Marrakech was selected as the site of my annual American Society of Travel...

Essaouira, Morocco

First impressions upon arriving the Atlantic coastal port town of Essaouira at midday on...

Chellah–Royal Kingdoms of the Past

The fertile plains inland from Rabat drew settlers as far back as the 8th Century B.C....

Royal Kingdom of Rabat

Morocco is a kingdom and the Atlantic coastal city of Rabat has been its capital since...

Wandering the Streets of Old Malaga

Malaga is an old port city with some 3,000 history since the Phoenicians landed and used...

Moscata–Malaga Wine–Cleopatra’s Wine

Moscata, Moscatel, Muscat of Alexandria, Malaga Wine — there are many names for it....

Welcome to Malaga—Moscata de Alexandria

Arriving Malaga in the evening via a low-fare flight from Amsterdam, the taxi deposited...

Cafe Alto

Cafe Alto, just off the Leidseplein, was a welcoming little club, and everything I had...

Rembrandt and the Dutch Soul

Thanks to the loan of a museum pass from a local friend, I was able to obtain a...

Cafe Americain

Last night I visited one of my old haunts, the Cafe Americain located in the venerable...

Return to Old Amsterdam

I woke up in Amsterdam this morning and looked out of my apartment window at a scene...

Sicily Travel — a Sicilian Idyll

Winter in Italy and Sicily in 2012 was called the Grand Gelé, or the Big Freeze. One of...

Amazing Vietnam!

A ten-day exploration of Vietnam As an American who remembers well the war in Vietnam,...

Incredible India

To quote UCLA Professor Stanley Wolpert in the opening paragraph to his masterful work,...

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