Top 10 Reasons To Use Me

1. For my expertise, and my willingness to conduct thorough research.
2. For my contacts among travel suppliers and tourism people—so helpful, and crucial when the unexpected happens.
3. For my professionalism and dedication to the principle of integrity in travel.
4. For my in-depth knowledge of travel products and my ability to assess true value.
5. For my support of ASTA and its efforts on behalf of travel consumers.

6. For my support of Tourism Cares, and all efforts to preserve and protect our earth’s most treasured places.
7. For my dedication to sustainable tourism, and advocacy for economic development through global tourism.
8. For my obsessive information-gathering on all things travel related, and my desire to share my knowledge freely.
9. For my love of travel literature and my recommended reading lists.
10. For my deep and abiding mission: to facilitate life-enhancing travel experiences for my valued clients.

cc Boston Public Library