Cafe Alto

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Cafe Alto, just off the Leidseplein, was a welcoming little club, and everything I had hoped for on a night out in Amsterdam. Our arrival was timely—before the band set up on the small stage and with tables still available. The place is small and with nightly entertainment and no cover charge, it surely must get crowded. Besides the right kind of crusty, funky ambiance, drinks were moderately priced and the acoustics fine. The caliber of musicians we were treated to was impressive—and the music got better with each set. We stayed for set after set, and round after round. The clientele was an interesting international mix. Including our group: me from Santa Rosa, an American expat friend living in Dublin, his daughter from Dublin now living and studying for her Masters in Amsterdam, a Dutch young woman applying for acceptance into the prestigious music academy in Amsterdam, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (she loves Etta James and will sing Etta for her tryout) and her delighted and delightful companion, a young jazz guitarist and music student from Verona. What a great night in great company in just the right musical venue.


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