Royal Kingdom of Rabat

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Morocco is a kingdom and the Atlantic coastal city of Rabat has been its capital since independence in 1956. King Mohammed VI and his family are a well-loved monarchy. The king’s photo seems to be on display at every turn, and the royal residence is seen on a main boulevard. The city is lovely with its broad, palm-lined avenue and its grand monuments. Even the medina here was not mobbed and almost relaxed. It was alarming that three taxi drivers refused to take me to the address of my riad, located deep within the medina, but pleading to be taken near (no exactamon!) succeeded in getting me a ride to the ancient gate of Bab Chellah, from where I obtained the services of a man with a cart, who lugged my luggage and lead me through the medina to lovely little Riad Mattie. After settling in I made my way through the streets of vendors and up to the fortress on the hilltop. There I found an expansive view of the estuary of the Bou Regreg River and green plains meeting the Atlantic — and across the river, the old white town of Sale. From the fortress I followed a guide through a maze of the old casbah. It was quiet and the midday color and light and shadow created a wonderful atmosphere, with not a person to be seen — only a population of cats. The winding narrow streets eventually lead to a cafe with that marvelous view again of the river flowing out to the ocean. Close by was the Andalucian Gardens. These were reminiscent of the Alhambra Palace Gardens, but on a very small scale.

A short taxi ride brought me to another not-to-be-missed site in Rabat — one that puts one immediately in touch with those were here before … Chellah.


King Mohammed VI of Morocco



The royal family of Morocco



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